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How to calmly buy your next car on the Internet?


Jan 7, 2023
car on the Internet

Automobile agents Whether

new or recently used, auto agents are specialists who offer vehicles on the Internet at significant discounts. They vary according to the brands and models of cars, to reach up to 40% or more, like the discounts practiced for example by our partner clubauto-maif.com. Certainly, today, it is the most interesting solution financially. Learn more about Automotive Agents .

Car manufacturers’ websites

Spurred on by the American manufacturer of 100% electric vehicles Tesla, more and more car manufacturers are now offering specific offers online. This is the most reassuring solution, since it is affiliated with a physical point of sale. Manufacturers also offer used cars from their network on their website.

Online classifieds sites

Whether they are car sales specialists or more generalists, online classifieds sites include both professional sellers and private individuals. This solution now offers the widest choice of vehicles, used and recently used.

The advantages of buying a car on the Internet

New or used , buying a car online will allow the future buyer that you are to:

Compare easily : Internet makes it easy to compare offers at a glance, between different brands and models. The list is almost exhaustive on the sites of the agents as well as on those of the classifieds. The risk is then that of being spoiled for choice.

Save time : the Internet allows you to buy your vehicle in a few clicks, with ease, from your home. With the possibility of being called back for free by an advisor to guide you, as on clubauto-maif.com or our other partners.

Take advantage of the experience of other motorists : on the website of a car agent, such as clubauto-maif.com, you will find customer reviews concerning their experience of buying from agents. So you are guided in your choice.

Save money : auto agents, just like manufacturers, offer very attractive prices on the Internet, often much lower than those practiced in dealerships, with discounts that can go up to 40% on some models.

Upgraded driving: for the same budget, you will find over-equipped vehicles on the Internet, compared to what is offered to you at the dealership.

The disadvantages of buying your vehicle online

The absence of test drives : you will not always be able to try the vehicles before buying, especially with certain agents who, to help you choose, will suggest that you try the vehicle you want at the dealership.

Lack of confidence : if the retail trade has exploded in recent years on the Internet, it is still marginal for the automobile, no doubt because of the importance of the amount committed by individuals, and the fear that this may still inspire… Fears that are also found for the purchase of a used vehicle from an individual. But Tesla’s breakthrough, like the announcement of an exclusive online offer from Peugeot,

MAIF auto accompanies you in your online car purchase

New, second-hand or recent second-hand purchases, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, rely on the car partners selected by MAIF with its dedicated service . These partners offer specific guarantees to secure the purchase of your vehicle. For the purchase from a private individual, use our checklist and get help from services such as Histovec , which will allow you to know the history of a used vehicle , or Experveo for a verification of the condition of the vehicle by a professional expert approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

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