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Why is car maintenance important?


Jan 7, 2023
maintenance important

Car maintenance is not to be neglected, especially at the start of winter when the cold begins to set in. We like to spend time in the car to avoid frost outside. We also like to stay there to enjoy the heat that forms there. In any case, the car is much more than a means of transport in this freezing season. It must therefore be in very good condition to satisfy all the whims of motorists. And it all depends on the maintenance you give it. Discover how to do it.

Perform a full vehicle check

It would be a shame to carry out repairs to the mechanics of your car in a season when the vehicle is more than necessary. So, before even attacking the cold, a complete check is essential. All the elements that make up the strength of the car should be examined by a professional. This includes the engine, starter, radiator, alternator, shock absorbers, tires and battery. It is in a way a revision to ensure that the car can drive in the best conditions during the winter. The protective elements must also be checked to guarantee the safety of the driver. If the windshield shows signs of wear or breakage, for example, consult ZePare-Brise immediately.to have it repaired. Also check the condition of lights and lights to better ensure your safety.

Equip the car with all the accessories it may need

Riding on snow is no child’s play. The car, meanwhile, may struggle to avoid slips and small blockages. It is therefore necessary to prepare the accessories that may be necessary in advance. Remember to bring snow chains and personal protective equipment to prevent excessive snowfall. Also increase the amount of coolant to avoid the inconvenience often caused in winter. Adds to the trunk of the car traction ropes in case of breakdown that requires towing. Winter is a dangerous season for motorists. The cold can destabilize the driver, degrade the exterior color of the car and damage the operation of the engine mechanism. So,

Choose the right route

In winter, the quality of the roads is also influenced by snowfall and cold. Some roads can become dangerous and others might even be inaccessible to small cars. Choosing the right route is therefore a better way to maintain your car during the winter season. The weather conditions do not often allow you to ride peacefully. If you plan to drive for long hours continuously, also consider taking short breaks to decompress and to let the car rest to avoid overheating. The choice of route also offers you the possibility of escaping traffic jams because breaking down in these conditions can be quite destabilizing.

You might think that not washing your car is the best way to limit your environmental impact. Well not at all! Indeed, a car accumulates all kinds of pollutants (iron, nickel, lead, hydrocarbon residues, etc.) on the bodywork, in the rims, etc. Under the effect of the rain, these pollutants will run off and reach the water table. It is therefore preferable to clean your car so that they are evacuated in a place provided for this purpose and do not end up in nature.

Note that the stations are equipped with the necessary equipment to recover and treat wastewater. Many of them go further with a recycling system, which allows them to reuse water and save up to 90% of the water needed to wash your vehicle.

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